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  About Us  

At TechCommit, our talented and proficient personnel are ready to serve client needs on a consultant basis whether assisting staff on site, on call, around the clock or from our offshore software development facilities in India.

TechCommit consultants are available to support in-house staff as software program managers and engineers or as system designers, analysts and administrators.

Tech Commit's on-site consultants free our clients' staff to concentrate on what they do best, while we work unobtrusively in the background, delivering networking, systems and online expertise transparent to clients' operations.

By drawing on Tech Commit's broad-based, exceptionally qualified team of experts, our clients have benefited from the full-range of IT and Internet services without the cost of adding full-time staff or incurring the higher expense of domestically developed software solutions.

What we have for you?
A strong and sophisticated database of technical and business consultants with following skill sets.

Technical Consultants
Microsoft Technologies Parallel Technologies
Markup Languages HTML, DHTML, VRML, XML, WML
Scripting Languages VB Script Perl Script, Java Script/ Jscript
Operating systems Windows NT/9x UNIX, LINUX
Database Access Mechanism (Server side) ASP JSP, Java, Java Servlets/ CGI-PERL/ PHP
Client Side ActiveX Java Applets, JFC/Swing
Databases Access/ SQL Server Oracle, Informix, MySQL
Web Servers


Apache, JWS, WebLogic

Application Server Transaction server, Commerce server, Site server, Content server, Index server OWAS, Cold Fusion

CASE Tools   Rational ROSE, UML
Middle Layer Distributed Computing (Application development) VB, VC++, COM/DCOM C, C++, Java, JDK, Java Beans, EJB, JSDK, RMI/CORBA